If you want more information on the PA profession and application process, below is a list of resources that we’ve compiled over the years.

{Disclaimer– There is no affiliation with any of the organizations, books, websites, etc. listed below (other than memberships with national organizations). These are just a few of the resources that we have found helpful over the years. This is in NOT a representation of all the information accessible to prospective applicants, many resources are available that may not be listed below. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, we’re always happy to expand the list.}

More about the PA profession

American Academy of PAs

Florida Academy of PAs

PrePA Process, Interview and Application prep

PA Education Association

The PA Platform

Dave Dubose The PA Coach

A Dose of PA Blog

PA Forum

The PA Life

Mentorship and Shadowing

The Mentoring Firm


PA Cents

Total Money Makeover

Budgeting App


National Health Service Corps

Health Professionals Scholarship Program

PA Foundation