My NP Journey – Nerlyn Jestine

Tell me a little bit about yourself I’m an enigma! A self-motivated, rebellious 36-year-old woman who’s been married for 15years, raising four kids (8m, 7y, 12y and 13y), two dogs (Maltipoo) and running a mobile primary care company called Customized Care. I graduated high school then completed my prerequisite courses at Palm Beach State University. … Continue reading My NP Journey – Nerlyn Jestine

Let’s Talk Some More About Money

Budget, a cringe-worthy word that often reminds us of just how broke we truly are. But we shouldn’t feel this way, budgets are an insightful breakdown of our money habits. It shows us how we have been spending, what areas need to be decreased/increased and if we should be saving more. With a budget, you … Continue reading Let’s Talk Some More About Money