Our PA Journey – NSU PA FTL Faculty

I decided to become a PA during my senior year of undergrad. I was taking a class called “Intro to Pre-Professional Studies,” that exposed me to a variety of medical professions but PA stuck with me like glue.  The more I researched the profession, comparing it to both the nursing and physician routes, PA better … Continue reading Our PA Journey – NSU PA FTL Faculty

My NP Journey – Nerlyn Jestine

Tell me a little bit about yourself I’m an enigma! A self-motivated, rebellious 36-year-old woman who’s been married for 15years, raising four kids (8m, 7y, 12y and 13y), two dogs (Maltipoo) and running a mobile primary care company called Customized Care. I graduated high school then completed my prerequisite courses at Palm Beach State University. … Continue reading My NP Journey – Nerlyn Jestine