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Finding Balance in The Clinical Year

Th Clinical year is a whole new beast. It definitely challenges how secure your support system is. Here are a few tips for the 2nd year physician assistant student on how to balance the clinical year with family life

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Mother’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

Some last minute gift ideas for the PA Student mom

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Finding Affordable Childcare

Suggestions on affordable care options for parents enrolled in or going to graduate school

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My Co-Parenting Reality

Co-Parenting during physician assistant School

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Tips for Surviving PA School with Kids

Practical tips for surviving Physician Assistant school with kids by Tiffany Mendoza – The medical momma. Physician Assistant student mom of 2 toddlers.

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21 Day Pre-PA Challenge

21 day mindset challenge for Pre-PA students

Birthdays in PA School
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Planning Birthday Parties

Suggestions for an epic yet budget friendly birthday party for your kids while enrolled in graduate school

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The Secret to Time Management

The secret to time management as a physician assistant student mom. Inspired by Sarah Knight The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

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Overcoming Mom Guilt

How to overcome mom guilt while in PA School

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Love in PA School

Tips and suggestions from real couples on how to maintain a healthy relationship/marriage while enrolled in PA School