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About The PA Cafe

My name is Jennifer, a PA student at Nova Southeastern University and divorced single mother of one awesome little girl. I am a South Florida native and a U.S Army Veteran. While enlisted, I served as a Medical Laboratory Specialist completing my Associate’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from George Washington University. Once discharged, I returned home and became board certified/licensed as a Medical Laboratory Technician.

….And that’s when life hit the pause button on my career. My life changed drastically when I returned home. I instantly became a wife, homeowner, stepmother and pregnant with my first child … All while readjusting to civilian life.

I was overwhelmed to say the least, but my drive and passion for more wouldn’t let me stop. I continued some undergraduate course work at South University then completed my degree and prerequisite courses at Florida Atlantic University. My entire college experience, both undergrad and graduate, has been as a mother. I’ve changed my major more times than I’d like to admit and there’s been a few semesters when I’ve had to either reduce my workload or not attend. I finally graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. That same year I submitted my CASPA application and was accepted into PA school.

I have always been drawn to the medical field, but it took a few years, trials and errors before I took the steps to fulfilling my PA quest. I had to find the courage and confidence in myself to just go for it. I searched endlessly for someone else out there who could relate and help guide me on this journey… but my results often came back empty. This would eventually lead to the birth of The PA Café.

The road up until this point hasn’t been a smooth one. This blog will highlight the daily grind and misadventures that comes along with being a mom in PA school. I hope that sharing our personal experiences will not only encourage you but also help you navigate the road to becoming a PA.