7 Thoughtful DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

:long drawn out sigh: Father’s day is this weekend. And if you’re anything like me, plans haven’t even been made yet as to what to get the special man in your children’s lives. Browsing the web has made it painfully obvious that the last minute gifts available are either extremely cheesy or just OVERDONE (insert eye roll emoji)! The man surviving the chaos of 2020 while stepping up to the plate as you conquer PA School deserves a gift with meaning. Something special that he can cherish and actually use. Here are a few gift ideas from the heart that you can make at home just in time for Father’s Day. Direct links to instructions and materials included.

The Fisherman

Fishing Rod Frame – I saw this on Pinterest and was immediately in awe. If you’re guy is an avid fisher, there are definitely a few malfunctioning fishing rods hanging out in the garage with a very bleak future up ahead. In addition to creating some room, this project adds a rustic & sentimental touch to the home… Or man cave. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, here are detailed instructions on how to create this fun project at home with the kids. If reviewing the instructions has left you feeling overwhelmed (as they did me) just purchase a frame here

The Sports Fan

Dad Medal Display Frame – I love a good box frame project! All you will need for this is a box frame – preferably 11×11 or bigger depending on how many medals and/or photos you want to display. Optional decorative paper for the background. An adhesive – this can be double sided tape, pins (they will show so be sure to choose pins that fit the theme) or glue, and these super duper cute DIY medals plus optional labels. Create silly and/or heartfelt messages from you and the kids. Arrange the completed medals onto the backing of the frame. Once arranged to your liking, secure them with adhesive and Ta-Da all done! Really have fun with this one. Add your own ribbons, throw in some stickers, honestly skies the limit. Step up the style with these antique metal medals (say that 10x fast).

*By the way, this is also a great gift for the military dads. Arrange military keepsakes and/or old uniforms in a shadow box to always remember how he serves both his family and country.

Fathers Day Gifts

The Hunter

A shell Casing Mason Jar Lamp for the dad with a million and 1 bullet casings lying around. Brass works best visually for this lamp. This is a cool project that will surely put a huge smile on his face while adding a new conversation piece to the home. Collect enough shell casings to fill up a quart size or larger standard-mouth mason jar 3/4 of the way (This jar is more aesthetically appealing). Clean up the casings so that they are nice and shiny. Gather the children with a few sharpies and write one word memories/messages/adjectives to describe dad on each casing (example: #1 Dad, Grand Canyon, Camping, Jokester).

Fill the jar ¾ of the way with the message casings. Close the jar using the mason jar lamp adapter, screw in a lightbulb, add on an optional lamp shade and that’s it… An instant stylish and heartfelt gift for dad that he won’t mind displaying proudly. 

The Intellect

Scrabble Box Frame – Another box frame project (YAY!) You’ve probably seen the scrabble board frames before. Well now it’s time to create one specifically for dad. Purchase scrabble tiles and a box frame. Which size you purchase is entirely dependent on you and how many words you plan to use. Arrange the letters onto a sheet of decorative paper or use the backing that comes with the frame. I personally prefer a nice clean white background for the scrabble frames but the final decision will be based upon what dad would prefer. Once satisfied with arrangement, secure with adhesive, let dry, gift wrap and surprise dad this Sunday!

The Beer connoisseur

Cork Tiles or Coasters, double sided tape and acrylic craft paint plus brushes is all you will need for this wall art project. Any extra razzle dazzle for your design is optional. You and each child grab one cork tile and get creative! Paint it, handprint it, add his favorite quote, trace the state or country he originates from, draw his favorite sports team logo… Anything that describes dad as a father and a man, display it on the cork “canvas.” Once dry, add the double sided tape to the back for hanging on the wall.

*This project doesn’t have to be for the beer lover. Replace the cork coasters with wood tiles, add photo hangers to the back of your finished project and hang in his office as a surprise.

First Time Dad

Photo transfers are another favorite hobby of mine. They especially come in handy during the holidays when the budget is running low. You will need a photo transfer kit, a wood plank, a high resolution laser printed photo and quote. If you don’t have a laser printer, send your file to office depot or FedEx for a nominal fee… very nominal…Like less than a dollar. Follow the instructions shown in the video below to Create your design. add a few hangers onto the back or hot glue yarn to hang from anywhere. On the front will be the photo and on the back will be the quote or message from you. Most craft stores have a variety of wood plank options to choose from or you can go to a Home Depot or Lowe’s, purchase a sheet of birch or plywood for about $7 and have them cut it into 8×8 (or size you desire) squares at no additional cost – Be prepared to do A LOT of sanding if you go this route. 

Everybody Loves Dad

Video Compilation – This dad doesn’t fit into any particular category. He is one of those guys that is loved by all. This week, spend some time thinking about the reasons why you love him as a father and a man. Record each child individually and then yourself expressing your love and admiration. Put it all together using any video stitching app or video maker software on your computer. If you’re feeling fancy, create a slide show filled with family photos and special moments between him and the kids, then upload it all- video included- onto a digital photo frame

There you have it. Seven DIY Father’s Day Gifts to complete at home in time for Father’s Day. Tag us on your creation using #thepacafe on social media and let us know how it went!

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