A Day in the Life – Andrea R.


Daily schedule for a 1st generation college graduate, wife and mom of 4 in Nurse Practitioner School.

 There’s no specific reason why I choose these times, they just work for me.

4:49am – The first alarm goes off

5:09am– Second alarm goes off. I wake up read my bible/do a devotional or study if there’s an exam.

6:30am – Wake the kids up for school (I’m usually out of the house by 6:23am if it is a work or clinical rotation day) If I have class, then I’ll help get the kids ready for school and drop them off.

8:00am4:00pm – Class


7am7:30pm – Work/Clinicals

4:30pm – Pick the kids up from school and head home.

5:00pm – Arrive at home, get started on dinner while the kids do homework.

6:30pm – Have dinner

7:30pm – I’ll spend this time reviewing the kid’s homework, check emails, and just catch up on life.

8:00pm – Put the kids to bed while I stay up and study until no later than 12am unless it’s the night before a big exam, I may stay up until 3am.

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