A Day in the Life – Stephenie Orihood

Schedule of a 2nd year PA Student, military spouse and mother of two

This is my current schedule while on my OB/Gyn rotation. Because there’s a lot of gyn surgeries, the times that I am released will vary.

4:00am– Wake up, get ready for the day

5:00am– Leave the house before the kids wake up. If my husband is here, he will take them to school. If not, one of our babysitters or a family member will.

6:00am– Round with residents, fellows and attendings then present patients to the team. It doesn’t look good if you don’t know about the patient

7:30am – In and out of the OR all day. They let me do more than what I expected. There’s a lot of pimping done just to assess your knowledge. The more you know on rotations, the more they will let you do. I Snack in between patients, there’s not much time for lunch.

6:00pm – Debrief and released for the day. I stay behind to try and knock out about 1hr of H.W

7:00pm – Listen to podcast on the 45min drive back home.

8:00pm – When I get home I put my books away and spend time with my children. Once they are in bed I go back into student mode.

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