A Day in the Life – Amber Kromah

Amber Kromah a Howard University PA program graduate balanced marriage, a job, raising a toddler and pregnancy all while in PA School

Schedule as a PA-S

400am – Breastfeeding and study till 7am

700am – Breakfast then get ready for the day

800am – Leave house, drop off daughter to daycare and head to school

900am – Class

1200pm – Lunch and study

100pm – Class

400pm – Study with classmates till 5pm

515pm – Pick up daughter from daycare

600pm – Get home, cook and eat dinner

700pm – Quality time with family

800pm – Bath and bedtime for kids

900pm – Study until 11pm/12am

Weekends – I worked Friday nights and Saturday double shifts as a Server. I rarely worked on Sundays which were reserved for family and studying.

Schedule as a PA-C

615am – Wake up meditate, prayer or devotional then Stretch

640am – Wake kids up to get ready for the day

800am – Drop off kids to school

900am – Get to work

915am – See patients

200pm – Documentation

400pm – Cross fit gym to workout for 1-2 hours

600pm – Pick up girls from school

630pm – Get home and go to the park if it’s nice out

700pm – Eat dinner (that’s already meal prepped of course)

800pm – Prepare for next day. Catch up on billing, scanning/documentation aka work stuff while dad gives kids a bath

900pm – crochet blanket for youngest daughter or have impromptu business meeting with husband (co-owner) or watch tv with kids

930pm – Put kids to bed and have husband time

1100pm – Go to sleep

Weekends – Meal Prep on Friday nights, finish on Saturday mornings. Rest of Saturday is family day. Sunday we relax and prepare for the week.

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