Mother’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you still haven’t purchased a gift. You’re probably planning to visit the local florist or grocery store to purchase flowers and a card. Or to the nearest department store for jewelry or some new kitchen appliance. While all of that sounds nice, let me tell you that from personal experience that mama doesn’t need another vacuum cleaner. What mama needs is a BREAK! Here are a few last minute gift ideas to help you stay out of the dog house

The Gift of a Clean Home

I cannot begin to express to you the amount of joy this will bring your special lady. To wake up to a clean home with laundry washed, folded & put away is the ultimate fantasy. If you suck at cleaning, search for an on-demand cleaning service near you. Check out handy, it’s like Uber but for maids.

The Best Meal is the One Made by Someone Else

Let mom sleep in while you handle meals for the day. If you can’t cook, consider hiring a private chef for one night. Now there’s a special dinner and it doesn’t require mom having to get all dolled up.


If you and the kids – and the pets – cannot vacate the home for a day, then book a hotel room for mom. Fully equipped with her favorite bottle of wine & snacks so she can just RELAX. Just her, the t.v. (or favorite book) and her PJs. Throw in a Massage/Spa treatment if possible.

This Mother’s Day think outside of the box. Mom just wants to know and feel that she is appreciated. Show your love by planning the perfect Personal Day… and moms, sit back and enjoy. Trust that they’ve got this under control.

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