A Day in the Life – Yocheved Becker


PA School:

6:15am – Wake up and took 15min to get ready

6:30am – Get kids ready for the day

7:15am – Drive to school

8:00am-12:00pm – Lecture

12:00pm – Study during lunch

1:10pm-5:00pm – Lecture

6pm – 7:30pm – I arrive home to spend time with my family then husband leaves for work at his second job

7:30pm-11:00pm – Study at local Starbucks to avoid being distracted by chores that needed to be done around my home.

11pm – Starbucks closes so I would head home spend some time with my husband then study until about 2am.

2am – Sleep for 4 hours and drag myself out of bed the next morning to do it all over again.


7:00am – The kids wake me up around this time. I get out of bed, make breakfast and get them ready for school.

8:00am – Drop the kids off to school then head back home to get myself ready

8:40am – I leave for work

9:00am – Arrive at work and see patients until about 5pm

5:20pm – 7:30pm – Spend quality time with my family

7:30pm – My me time – I work out, socialize with friends, read… the possibilities are endless.



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