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Couples in Healthcare Programs: It’s a Date!

Couples in healthcare programs – If you entered PA school in a relationship/partnership, the goal is to leave pa school with that relationship intact if not fortified having been tried by the fire that is PA school. The demands of PA school, however, make it difficult to reach that sweet spot where all aspects of your life are perfectly balanced. It is very easy to get tunnel vision and to only focus on school, but with a little mindfulness, effort, and intentionality, you can feed your relationship in meaningful ways so that you and your partner remain connected throughout your journey through PA school. Although this list is far from comprehensive, I’ve listed some ideas for things you and your partner can do to together:

11 date night ideas for couples in healthcare programs

1. Movie night (in-home or in the theater)

If you don’t have the resources to go to the theater, then plan a movie night at home. Don’t be afraid to check your local theater for deals as well. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been living in South Florida for nine years now, but it wasn’t until I started school that I learned that a local theater has $5 Tuesdays. Factor in AT&T’s buy one get one free movie ticket deal and we can practically go to the movies for free!

2. Couples massage

Connect and relax

3. Dinner

Go out together for dinner or even cook a meal together.

4. Dessert date

PA school can keep you pressed for time and money, so meeting up and sharing a dessert is a great option for those days.

5. Coffee date

Many PA students are powered by coffee. Why not pro-caffeinate with the one you love?!

6. Lunch date

If it’s possible on the weekday, meet up for lunch one day or set a weekend lunch date.

7. Unplug and talk

When many of your waking hours are spent at school and with your classmates, it is very easy to lose touch with what is happening in your partner’s life. When you get home, you also need to study, but sometimes you will have to make the choice to step back from your work and have a distraction-free conversation with your significant other.

8. Mid-day check-ins

Your days will be undoubtedly busy, but a quick check-in or sweet text will go a long way to help your partner feel appreciated and loved.

9. Just because

Do something unexpected or buy your partner a gift just because! The gift or gesture does not need to be grand or expensive; it’s the thought that counts!

10. Take a short getaway

Plan a short day or weekend trip away. Explore a part of the city to which you’ve never been.

11. Workout together

Reconnect over one of your favorite pre-PA activities

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