Sunday Meal Prep

Y’all, I did it! Okay, so I half did it but give me credit for taking the baby step to do some food prep this past weekend. I was feeling myself after my workout, food shopping, and Power Up acai smoothie bowl. I wanted to keep the momentum going and decided to meal prep with some of the groceries I had purchased. Because this week is a unicorn week for us (read: shorter days and fewer days in class), I was not concerned about making a week’s worth of food nor did I really feel like prepping that much food. So what do I do when I don’t want to cook but I have to cook? I pull out the grill! As bizarre as it may sound, it feels like less work for me and so I’m more likely to prep food if I grill. The beauty of doing meal prep outdoors is that my son can also be outside with me riding his bike or playing, a safe distance away from the grill of course.

I must apologize in advance for not having any formal recipes for you for these dishes I prepared. I have been cooking for quite some time, and I make these particular dishes often. Anyone that cooks often can empathize with the struggle of trying to give someone a recipe with measurements for a dish that you can make with your eyes closed. I just wanted to share how with a little forethought and using the grill, I can get a few days worth of food prepared at once. So what did I actually prepare? I bought and seasoned two – 5 pack of organic drumsticks from Trader Joe’s. I already had Trader Joe’s organic Angus hot dogs on hand. My local Super Target had some discounted organic NY strip steaks that I picked up. Now the key to being a great clinician is knowing what you don’t know and seeking help when you don’t know. The same applies to cooking. I don’t make steak often because I’m pretty terrible at it especially when it comes to seasoning them but my husband is great at it, so I let him season the steaks I bought! I also prepared some veggies for the grill (two multi-colored bell peppers, one red onion, and two medium-sized zucchinis that I tossed with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, Italian herbs, and Himalayan pink salt). While the grill was warming up, I prepared and refrigerated a Southern-style potato salad. Once the grill was warm, I set up shop outside to study while doing all my grilling. By the time I was done with the grill, I made two steaks, 10 drumsticks, a few hot dogs, and veggies. In my house, that was enough food for dinner Sunday evening, and a combination of lunches and dinner for two more days. It was definitely worth that effort on Sunday because the past two days went much smoother once everyone arrived home.

And just look at some of what we had waiting for us at home. Yum!

Is your mouth watering? Switch things up and do some meal prep on the grill. You won’t be sorry!

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