A Day In The Life – Chaya Korf

A typical weekday for PA student Chaya as a wife and mother of 2 toddlers

6am  I wake up, go for a 30 min run then get myself and kids ready for the day.

7am  Leave home and start my 1-hour commute to school

8:10am – 12pm Day of lectures

12pm-1:10pm  Study during lunch cause that cuts out an hour at night

1:10pm-5pm  I leave school and get home around 6:20.

6:30pm  Spend time with my kids and put them to bed by 7pm. Have dinner with my husband

8:30  Study until 11pm

11pm  Decompress before bed. I use this time to tidy up a bit, get my kids’ clothes ready, etc.

11:45pm – Get a good night’s rest then wake up the next morning crying cause I have to do it all over again

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